Lessen Nederlands in Zeeland

Dutch as a second language

You’re not from the Netherlands and you want to learn Dutch? Or do you own  a company and do you want your foreign employees to learn (better) Dutch? Taalcirkels takes care of Dutch lessons!

Learn Dutch

More and more people from other countries are living in the Netherlands. Some of them are refugees, but there are also a lot of foreign doctors, dentists, IT staff and people working in the hospitality industry or agriculture. People who come from an EU country are not obliged to integrate and have Dutch lessons, but learning Dutch is certainly important. If only to make you feel a little at home! Taalcirkels takes care of lessons Dutch as a second language at all levels: from beginners to advanced learners.

Doing an exam

If you want or need to do an exam, the following four skills are tested: read, speak, write and listen. This can be done on three levels. The integration exam (in Dutch: inburgeringsexamen) is at language level A2. You can express yourself in the shop, at the doctor or at your children's school. If you want to follow professional education at a secondary level (MBO) and find a job at that level, you need the diploma State Exam I (in Dutch: Staatsexamen I): language level B1. For higher vocational training (HBO) or university training, State Exam II (in Dutch: Staatsexamen II) is required: level B2. Those who need to integrate also do the exams KNM (Knowledge of Dutch Society) and ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market).


Does your company employ foreign employees and do you want them to learn Dutch better? Taalcirkels provides course programs for individual employees or for groups. The training is developed especially for your employees and your company; a customized program! In consultation, the desired teaching material and the number of lessons are determined. Taalcirkels can give training in the workplace, but also has its own location for group lessons up to 10 people.


For individuals and for companies, there is first a free and non-binding intake conversation. During the intake, the wishes and possibilities of the student(s) are discussed and the level of the Dutch language is determined. After the intake you will receive a non-binding offer.

More information? Contact us by e-mail: taalcirkels@gmail.com, telephone: 06 27895002 (+31 6 27895002)  or the contact form on this site.


Janneke Slabbekoorn